Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Breakfast Club/Marvel Funko POP! Customs

It started out when I was looking at Bender and Thor Funko POP!'s sitting next to each other on a shelf. I thought to myself, "These two guys have major daddy issues in their movies." From there, I thought, "I NEED to do a Marvel/Breakfast Club mash-up!" I picked them up and went to work on customizing them. I really dug the way they turned out, so I went back to the store and picked up Daredevil and Richard Vernon because I really wanted to see those two mashed-up. 

Then, I thought about what other characters would go well together. Going back and watching the movie over I decided Cap, Scarlet Witch, Spidey, and Black Widow were going to be the ones that I was going to use to complete the set. I had to order the rest of the figures, but once they came in, it only took a bit over two hours to complete them. I really dug the way they turned out. People on Instagram and Twitter seemed to really dig them and the official Netflix Daredevil Twitter account retweeted my picture which resulted in getting offers to do sets for others. After all this, I've been thinking about a possible Star Wars/Disney Mash-up. Maybe an Ariel/Leia mash-up?  

Claire/Black Widow & Bender/Thor

Andrew/Cap & Allison/Scarlet Witch

Richard Vernon/Daredevil & Brian/Spidey

Daredevil retweet

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