Monday, October 19, 2015

'Vanguard Princess Kurumi' DLC Is Now Available On Steam

Kurumi Mirumati appeared from the wreckage of a plane crash without any memories of her past. Nonetheless, these circumstances won't stop her from living a cheerful life.

One day, Kurumi began to hear strange voices in her head. They promise to show her a world of wonders and unveil the mysteries of her past. Kurumi trusts her happy-go-lucky attitude and her reliable young friends to guide her on this fantastic adventure!

In this latest Vanguard Princess DLC, players awesome features just in time for Halloween!

•Updated version of Vanguard Princess
•Revised single player mode
•New Handicapped battle (Team) gameplay mode
•New Survival (Streak) gameplay mode
•New battle stages
•New in-game ending
•Alternate Kurumi-themed storyline
•Alternate endings for various characters
•Additional in-game music
•Play Vanguard Princess in an uncensored version
•BONUS: Kurumi DLC Game Soundtrack MP3s are included

This DLC requires the base game Vanguard Princess on Steam in order to play. 

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