Thursday, October 1, 2015

Unboxing September's Big ol Box of Stuff

I'm a sucker for subscription boxes. I think it's the anticipation, knowing that I'll be getting a box of surprise goodies in the mail. If it's a geek-themed box, I'll usually try it out at least once. When a friend sent me a link to Big ol Box of Stuff, I HAD to order one after checking out unboxing videos on YouTube.

Big ol Box of Stuff (or BoBoS) is different from all other subscription boxes as it's put together based on your specific tastes. How does it work? You fill out a questionnaire in which you let the team at BoBoS know about your fandoms. The questionnaire gets really specific. For example, if you choose Star Trek as one of your favorites, they want to know if you prefer the Original Series or the Next Generation crew. Once completed, the BoBoS crew will put together a personal box of items tailored specially for you for only $35.00 (shipping included).

The box that was curated for me was awesome and worth every penny! I received items from a lot of the choices I made on their questionnaire. The value of the box was greater than what I paid for it and I had none of the items in my collection yet, so that was definitely a plus. They also included a nice 'thank you' message in the box which is pretty awesome of them. The coolest item was a Finn figure from the new line of the Star Wars Episode IV film. The figures had been released in stores only a week before I got the box in the mail and were hard to find on store shelves after the madness that was Force Friday. They were only allowing orders on a monthly basis, but have recently started one, three, and six month subscriptions. This is definitely a box I would order again; maybe not every month, but whenever I want to treat myself to a surprise.

Inside my September BoBoS:

- Star Wars Finn Figure
- Black Widow Funko POP Figure
- Doctor Who Weeping Angel Figure
- Ariel Keychain
- Vintage TMNT: Secret of the Ooze Cards
- Pop Rocks
- Marvel Secret Invasion: Dark Reign One-shot Comic
- New Avengers #1 Comic

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