Thursday, October 22, 2015

Teen Titans Go! and Hipster Ariel Funko POP! Figures Back on Store Shelves

I'm not a big fan of the Teen Titans Go! cartoon series, but I do like the character designs a lot. And if you've looked at some of my earlier posts, you know that I LOVE Funko POP! figures. When they initially released the Titans POP! figures I passed them up because...well...I don't know why, exactly. Since then, they've become a pretty hot commodity as they became more scarce. The POP! Price Guide (PPG) has their values listed between $10-$39 for the regular versions, with the Hot Topic exclusive Raven topping out at $79.00!

The price on these guys is about to drop significantly as collectors have been finding them at Toys R Us recently. It seems unclear whether these were found in a warehouse and distributed to stores or if they are being made again specifically for Toys R Us. We know that, according to Funko, any and all POP! figures are up for re-release. This is much to the chagrin of collectors that have paid a pretty penny for rare pieces like the just re-released Hipster Ariel, which is a Hot Topic exclusive. The price was hovering around $90, but dropped dramatically when they started showing up again a couple of weeks ago. 

I was able to pick up four of the five Teen Titans figures for under $30 using coupon stacking and rewards dollars at Toys R Us. With the Hipster Ariel, I coupled it with another purchase to get her at $6.25 with Hot Topic's BOGO 50% off sale. It looks like it's a good idea to hold off on dropping serious coin on a popular figure for a while. It may just make a comeback, if you're patient enough...

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  1. My oldest daughter loves Teen Titans Go - I should keep my eyes peeled for those ones, they would make great Christmas presents!