Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Star Wars SMS Second Edition Headphones

I have a contentious relationship with headphones. Like sunglasses, they just do not fit right for me. Earbuds fall out, and most over-the-ear headphones simply aren't comfortable. The only ones that I am comfortable with are the sport type that loop around the ears. I did get lucky and find a pair of Skullcandy headphones that fit over my ears and feel pretty good. Though they're pretty bulky, so those usually only come out on plane rides.

With that all said, I couldn't help buying the SMS Star Wars Second Edition Tie Fighter-themed headphones. The steep price tag ($179.99- Ouch!) and my relationship with headphones did not stop me from buying them. Seriously, I'm a sucker when it comes to Star Wars branded merchandise. Put C-3PO on a can of Campbell's Soup and I'll buy a fucking can because Star Wars. This is why I own Star Wars chopsticks and ice cube trays that I don't even use.

The one thing that did give me pause before purchasing them was the fact that I'm not a big fan of Beats headphones. The build on them feels to be kind of cheap in my opinion. The bigger issue I have with them are the fact that they're extremely bass-heavy. I don't think they're well-balanced if you're someone who enjoys wildly different genres of music. I grew up on hip-hop and rap, but I also love listening to musicals, movie scores, rock, country, and give me a girl with a guitar any day. SMS headphones, coming from 50 Cent, seem to lean in the same direction, according to the reviews I'd read. But like I said, Star Wars.

Unboxing the Star Wars headphones is an experience. The box is well-designed and as it keeps opening, you get more excited to get to the actual headphones. Once you get inside, you get the headphones, embossed carry case, cleaning cloth, certificate of authenticity, sticker, and 3D picture. It's definitely a nice looking package.

When you get to the headphones, they're pretty awesome. You have to fold them open until they click into place and they feel light, yet solid. They have a very cool Tie Fighter design on outside of the ear pieces and the leather ear pads were very comfortable for long time use. All in all, these are a pretty slick looking pair of headphones.

While listening to music, the headphones, with 40 mm drivers, do favor bass heavy tracks. Obvious for headphones with a rapper's name behind them. If you primarily listen to rap, hip-hop, or dance music, then these headphones are great straight out of the box. As I said before, I'm a fan of different genres, so this means fiddling with the sound on my various devices to find the right balance. I found that the mids and highs can get a bit drowned out by bass if you don't. Tracks where bass isn't the focal point will be overpowered otherwise.

Overall, these Star Wars themed headphones are well-made and look and feel great. The sound is awesome if you are into music with a ton of bass, in that respect they're pretty impressive. If you're a fan of more acoustic type music, these may not quite suit you. The other drawback would be the price tag. At $179.99 these things aren't cheap and unless you're already planning to spend big money on headphones and/or you are also a big Star Wars fan (like me), then many may be priced out. For those that are willing to drop coin, these are definitely more impressive (and fun) than Beats by light years.

3D picture, sticker, and certificate

Collapsible for easy transport

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