Monday, November 23, 2015

Unboxing November's ZBOX: Time Travel

When word got out that November's ZBOX was going to include an exclusive Funko POP! figure of Marty McFly on a hoverboard, fans went crazy. We already new that Loot Crate was giving us an exclusive figure in the form of Doc Brown, so getting my hands on a Marty was a must. ZBOX is the UK equivalent of Loot Crate here in the United States. There was no word on if/when/where the figure would be available in the states, so I obviously had to have one imported. Fans found out later, after many of us ordered from the UK, that would carry the POP! exclusively here in the U.S. The total, including international shipping for November's ZBOX, came to roughly $30.00.

The main item, Marty, came with a ZBOX exclusive sticker for all of you in-box/sticker collectors. The detail on the POP! figure  is amazing. Marty sports his futuristic Nike's and is standing on his hoverboard. The reason I ordered ZBOX was for the POP! figure, but it also came with some other cool time travel themed goodies. Next up was the monthly ZBOX Magazine and a Blink Time wrist watch; Looters on this side of the pond got the same watch earlier this year in black. Also included was a pair of Doctor Who TARDIS socks. I don't usually go in for these types of socks, but I'll definitely be sporting them because TARDIS. Last, but not least, we got the "Cosmonauts" graphic novel from Image Comics, "From the mischievous minds of Mark Millar and Sean Gordon Murphy." Overall, it was a solid box for the price. Would I continue getting it? If it wasn't so much extra for shipping, yes. As a one time deal, I'm totally happy with it.

Inside this month's box:

- ZBOX Exclusive Marty McFly Funko POP! Figure (Funko)
- Doctor Who Socks (BBC)
- Cosmonauts Graphic Novel (Image Comics)
- Blink Time Watch (50Fifty Gifts)

A peek under the lid

Doctor Who Socks and Blink Time Watch

ZBOX Magazine and Graphic Novel

Exclusive POP! Figure

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