Sunday, November 1, 2015

Unboxing October's Loot Crate: "Time"

This month, most other subscription boxes were going the easy route and choosing Halloween/horror themes for their boxes. Of course the brilliant team at Loot Crate would choose October's theme as "Time" to help celebrate "Back to the Future Day." This is, and I know I've said this before, one of their best crates to date. Not only did we get TWO, awesome Back to the Future items, but we also got goodies from Doctor Who and Bill and Ted!

Upon opening the box, I may have let out a "GREAT SCOTT!" when I saw what was inside. For those that follow this blog, my Instagram, or my Twitter account, you know I'm a huge Funko POP! fanatic. This month's crate included an exclusive Doc Brown POP! figure which the Loot Crate curators helped design. Also included was an exclusive Quantum Mechanic 5" Back to the Future Hoverboard replica. As if that wasn't awesome enough, Looters also received two more exclusives- a Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure T-Shirt and a Doctor Who Spork! Finally, the Loot Crate box opens up to become an awesome display of the stage Bill and Ted performed on in the first movie.

Inside this month's box:

- Exclusive Dr. Emmett Brown Vinyl Figure (Funko)
- Exclusive Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure T-Shirt (Loot Crate Labs)
- Exclusive Back to the Future Part 2 Hoverboard Replica (Quantum Mechanix)
- Doctor Who Spork Utensil (50/Fifty)
- Time Button (Loot Crate Labs)

Best. Box. Ever.

The Doctor just HAD to take it out for a spin!

I could see Eleven using this for his fish sticks and custard.

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