Sunday, November 8, 2015

Unboxing October's Super Geek Box: Chaos

I had cancelled my subscription to Super Geek Box because I had too many boxes coming in every month and wanted to cut back. Super Geek Box was more hit and miss for me compared to the others that I was receiving, so that was the one that got dropped. When I got the e-mail touting a Funko item for the month of October, I decided to order it for one more month. October's theme was "Chaos" and included six items relating to it. Unfortunately, I received my box opened and missing two of the six items. Needless to say that I was disappointed. According to others on Facebook, mine wasn't the only one that was found tampered with.

The Funko item was one of three Nightmare Before Christmas Mopeez plush. I received the Oogie Boogie Mopeez. Next was a package of strawberry flavored Pop Rocks Candy and an exclusive "Dead Pixels" air freshener. The last item in the box was an exclusive "Fractured Funny Bone" T-Shirt featuring the Joker, Batman and Robin. The two items that were supposed to be included were two more exclusives- a "Villainous Cloak of Chaos" and "Zombie Shredder 5000." I have an e-mail in to Super Geek Box and hopefully they'll send my missing items.

Inside this month's box:

- Pop Rocks Candy
- Exclusive Villainous Cloak of Chaos (Super Geek Box)
- Exclusive Zombie Shredder 5000 (Super Geek Box)
- Oogie Boogie Mopeez (Funko)
- Fractured Funny Bone T-Shirt (Super Geek Box)
- Dead Pixels Air Freshener (Super Geek Box)

Opened box with missing items. Not cool.

The missing items

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