Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Unboxing December's Marvel Collector's Corps: Guardians of the Galaxy

When Marvel and Funko announced that December's Collector Corps box would be their biggest ever, they weren't joking; this thing was a beast. Many people assumed from the announcement that we were going to possibly see a POP! Ride in the box. When people started receiving their boxes, there were many that were very vocal on social media over their disappointment with it. The anger came mainly from the fact that the box didn't contain a POP! figure; the reason most people purchase the box in the first place. Despite all of the negativity over this Christmas/winter-themed box, I personally thought that it was a fun one.

The first three items packed inside of the box were a Groot pin, Rocket Raccoon patch, and a copy of 'Guardians of Infinity' #1 MCC variant. I love the patches and have been saving them to add to a laptop bag I have. The next items inside were a pair of Groot and Rocket Raccoon POP! Bobblers ornaments. These things are super cute and if I had a Christmas tree, these guys would surely be hanging from it. Finally, rounding out the box was a very cool Star Lord POP! ceramic mug and an awesome Guardians scarf. The high quality scarf features the silhouettes of the team and the Guardians logo on one side and potted Baby Groot on the other.

In this month's box:

- 'Guardians of Infinity' #1 MCC variant cover
- Rocket Raccoon MCC Patch
- Groot MCC Pin
- Guardians of the Galaxy Scarf
- Star Lord Ceramic POP! Mug
- POP! Bobblers Vinyl Ornaments

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