Thursday, January 21, 2010


Marc Webb has been named director of the upcoming Spider-Man reboot. Webb is coming off of the critically acclaimed film “(500) Days of Summer.” The reboot will have Peter going back to high school (and hopefully not retelling his origin). My question is, do we really need it? It couldn’t have anything to do with $$$, right? I loved (500) and I LOVE Spider-Man so I will undoubtedly be standing in line day one but I wish that Sony had given Raimi the chance to do the film he wanted. The man made them billions and gave us some amazing films. Currently the film is slated to go before cameras later this year for a release in 2012.
Fox and BBC Worldwide Productions are planning on bringing Torchwood to the U.S. Creator Russell T. Davies is going to write the pilot and word is John Barrowman (Captain Jack) may be in if the show gets the green light for a pilot. How do they make this work? The show already has three seasons behind it and bringing the show to the U.S. will definitely be a challenge, as they would need to not only appease old fans but grab new ones as well. The great thing about the BBC version is that they do things on the show that a network would definitely shy away from. Another thing that worries me is that Fox is not known for keeping sci-fi shows around very long (Firefly, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, Dollhouse). posted pics from the set of the new movie “Predators.” I had no faith in ever seeing a Predator film after the horrible AvP films. The flicks were horrendous (talk about a missed opportunity!) which made me think that the two franchises were dead. The pictures have definitely whetted my appetite for the Nimrod Antal film.
AMC, home of the brilliant Mad Men have officially given the green light for a pilot of Image Comics’ series The Walking Dead. The black and white monthly by Robert Kirkman will be given the small screen treatment by Frank Darabont. Over on Joel Stillerman, AMC’s senior vice president of original programming, production and digital content said, "I think it will be 100-percent true to the tone of the series, but at the same time it will be an entertaining, secondary way of experiencing "The Walking Dead" in a completely different light, so I'm excited."
On Feb. 2nd Marvel fans (yay!) get the Marvel animated film Planet Hulk. The film finds The Hulk exiled from Earth by the Illuminati. He is sent away on a ship that lands on the planet Sakaar where he is forced into becoming a gladiator. The Hulk befriends his fellow fighters and they attempt to overthrow the planets ruler, Red King. Marvel’s last two attempts have been less than spectacular but I have really high hopes for this one.
Feb. 23rd sees the release of DC’s newest animated film, Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. The release comes on the heels of last years awesome Green Lantern: First Flight, Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and Wonder Woman. DC has cornered the market on animated films and Crisis looks to be another win for the company.

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